No Fixed Abode, Vva ry, is an NGO whose purpose is to reduce homelessness and to improve the services of homeless people. We work together with our visitors to find suitable housing solutions for each one, as well with other actors to influence Finnish housing policies.  We act as the (only) advocates of the interests of homeless people on the third sector. Vva is not committed to any political parties’ or religious communities’ agenda, and all our operations are non-profit.

Our main premise is that every person can live independently if she or he is provided with adequate conditions and support. Housing is a fundamental human and social right, and its absence cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

The purpose of all activities of Vva is to ensure that everyone will find a decent place to live within an acceptable time.

We are a nationwide organization. Our office is located in Helsinki and our services are concentrated on the Helsinki metropolitan area, where the majority of Finland’s homeless people reside.

Our work is divided into a low threshold services, housing services and NGO work.

Vva was founded in 1986 by homeless people themselves, when there were 20 000 homeless persons in Finland. Now the number is 3 429. Today Vva has about 40 employees working in various areas of service. About 30 percent of our employees have first-hand experience of homelessness.


The thought behind creating Vva in 1986 was to get rid of the shelters and make sure that the basic right of housing would be realized for everyone.

In 2008 Finland became the first European country to embrace the housing first model, to give rough sleepers a home as quickly as possible, complete with a personal lease contract that’s permanent and stable. The policy works by getting rid of homelessness shelters.

  • Permanent housing enables people to live and function independently.
  • People can choose how to be involved with services. Giving up intoxicants completely is not required – instead, the approach is one of harm reduction, in a way that respects the person’s autonomy.
  • Staff meets the inhabitants as equals, to build trust and to empower them.
  • Staff supports each person’s integration into the community and helps them to build strong networks.
  • Vva still runs housing unit SÄLLIKOTI, with 28 apartments, that was the first piloting project for housing first model in Finland.


Our low threshold services are aimed at everyone who is homeless or threatened with homelessness. Vepa’s activities are open to everyone.

Most of our services are located in Itä-Pasila, Helsinki.  The housing councelor is on call at our organization’s office on working days and once a week in Vantaa. An outreach team Yökiitäjä moves around the metropolitan area. We give advice on homelessness on the phone for people all around Finland.

You can inform the Yökiitäjä staff on duty at night, if you are worried about someone sleeping rough, or if you notice someone whom you believe to be homeless.

Our office’s / Vepa’s / Kalkkers’ entrance has steps. Please contact us and we’ll assist you.


Everyone is accepted into Vepa just the way they are. In Vepa you can rest, spend time, eat a warm meal, tell about your problems and receive support for the suitable service. Vepa serves a warm meal, coffee, tea and bread. You can wash and dry your clothes. There are a computer and a phone that you can use for running errands.

At Vepa you can contact and reserve an appointment with our housing counselor, to get in contact with a floating support worker and an immigrant specialist. In Vepa donated clothes are handed out. Peer employees work in Vepa.

Open hours: Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 7 PM, except on Thursdays from 9 AM to 2 PM and again from 5 PM to 7 PM.
Vepa is closed in July.

Address: Ratamestarinkatu 6, 00520 Helsinki
Tel. 050 443 1065


Night centre Kalkkers is a low threshold crisis spot for the homeless. In Kalkkers you can rest safely, get first aid and some snacks, food, tea and coffee. You can talk about your situation and get help to find suitable services. Kalkkers is open for half a year during the winter time. In Kalkkers donated clothes are handed out. There is also a computer and phone you can use.

Kalkkers does not provide shelter. It offers a warm place to spend the night is for fifteen people regardless of their place of domicile, nationality or  the status of the residence permit. You can get inside also while intoxicated, but the use of substances is prohibited there.

Two peer employees and two social work professionals work in Kalkkers.

Open times: Monday-Sunday 22-06 (winter season)
Address: Ratamestarinkatu 6, 00520
Tel. 050 433 1068


Immigration serveces are targeted at homeless immigrants, especially when your rights to social security and services are unclear. Immigration expert helps individually to find out the situation and solutions and guide you to appropriate services. In addition to housing issues, you can find out about your rights to social security and services.

Guidance for migrants: (from 2nd of May)

Heini Puurunen
Tel. +358 44 260 3818
Service in: Finnish, English and Bulgarian.

If needed we can also provide counseling in Kurdish, Arabic, Russian by Suar Sulaiman: email:

If you are eligible for social security, speak Finnish and you need the services of a housing counselor, contact our housing counselor.


Read more about our low threshold services in finish.


Erja Morottaja
Head of Communication, +358 44 773 4700