Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry

is a homeless organisation founded by homeless themselves in December 1986. The year 1987 was the UN International Year of Shelter for the Homeless.

From the very beginning the goal of Vva was to abolish shelters and get a home to everyone.

Vva has become an expert organisation and cooperates e.g. in Finnish Goverment's Programme to reduce long-term homelessness. In Vva peers, voluntary workers and professionals work together.

Three experts with experience in homelessness work in a new 3-year project Own Keys. The aim of the project is to create a participation model for planning of housing and support services.

Organizational activities in Vva are based on decisions of two annual general meetings.

Vva is funded by RAY, Finland's Slot Machine Association and by own fundraising.

No Fixed Abode NGO  

Vailla vakinaista asuntoa (Vva for short) is a grass root organisation of people who are homeless, who have been homeless or who are under eviction.

Housing is a human right. Lack of housing cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Everyone is capable of independent housing if only offered proper conditons and appropriate support. Homelessness can be ended completely only by working with homeless themselves on every level in society.

The Project OWN KEYS >
Experts by experience participating in planning of homeless housing and support services

Video: Vva in Experience research education -programme Homelessness >

Membership (in Finland)

Information from Hanna Piirainen, Juhani Haapamäki

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"Asunto ensin" means
Marko Kettunen:
Housing First in the Finnish Contex >

Housing First Model: Videos in You Tube

The Finnish Programme to Reduce Long-Term Homelessness >

Feantsa >
Feantsa and European Social Network:
European exchange on homelessness >
Feantsa Flash News >Feantsa Conference 2011 Luxemburg >

Jorma Korhonen from Vva was elected to the board of the User Network HOPE.
Sanna Lehtonen from Vva was elected to continue working in Feantsa's Participation Group 2012-2014.

"Homelessness is a question of will"
A R T I C L E >
by student, volunteer worker Annie Mutema

C O N T A C T S      

Kinaporinkatu 2 D 3rd floor
FI-00500 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 44 7044310
Fax +358 9 7310 4033
e-mail Office: toimisto (at)

Executive Manager
Sanna Tiivola
sanna.tiivola (at)
Tel. +358 50 407 9702

Organisation Secretary
Vlada Petrovskaja
Tel. +358 50 407 9703
vlada.petrovskaja (at)

District Network,
Project Own Keys 2
Carole Brady
Tel. +358 50 443 1063

Experts by Experience
Project Own Keys
Jenni Perovuo
jenni.perovuo (at)
Juhani Tiilikainen
tiilikainen (at)

Asukki Magazine& Information
e-mail Magazine: heidi.merilainen(at)
tel. +358 44 773 4700

Peer Support and Volunteering Center VEPA
Vaasankatu 5
FI-00500 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 443 1065

Floating Support and Case Management
Juhani Haapamäki
Tel. +358 44 520 7870
liikkuvatuki (at)

Housing Applications, Guidance to Housing Services
Ulla Pyyvaara
Tel. +358 50 443 0102
e-mail: asumisasiat(at)

Vaasankatu 5
FI-00500 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 443 1068
e-mail: kalkkers (at)

Outreach Social Work
YÖKIITÄJÄ (Night Road Runner) Team & minibus
Tel. +358 50 528 2013
e-mail: yokiitaja (at)

SÄLLIKOTI (Dudes' Home)
"Housing first" -housing unit
Helsinginkatu 50, Cecilia-talo
FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 443 1060
e-mail: sallikoti (at)

"Housing first" -housing unit
Junailijankuja 3 C
FI-00520 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 44 792 4650
Coordinator Roger Palmroos
Tel. +358 44 566 54 78
roger.palmroos (at)

Low Threshold Services Manager Jussi Lehtonen
Tel. +358 50 373 0920
e-mail: jussi.lehtonen (at)